Reportage photography

Reportage photos, otherwise photojournalism is to “tell” what happened during the session. Viewers of such photos are supposed to feel as if they were present during the events recorded in the photographs. Reportage photos can therefore be compared to a story with which we want to encourage the reader to continue reading, and to wait for the next works.

What will be in reportage photos? Often these will be sports and cultural events, but also with their help you can present the process of creating a given product from the design phase to its creation. We can also find reportage photos of family events. Wedding, baptism – all this can be told without words with the help of photojournalism. How to create this story so that it encourages you to stay longer? The retouching of raw photos, which is discussed in this article, plays an important role here.

Retouching reportage photos

Retouching photojournalism is extremely important during the photojournalism process. Since it covers many areas, as well as capturing a situation in motion, the result is many shortcomings that the photographer himself is unable to control. Uncontrolled movement, background imperfection or an unexpected ball of dust.

Retouching reportage photos allows you to improve all those elements that should not be included in the photo session. Processing will make them look even better, and thus attract more attention of the viewer.

General retouching of reportage photos

When retouching reportage photos, we first need to focus on improving such components as vertical, horizontal and removing the unnecessary photo field by cropping. It is not important what kind of reportage photos we retouch, and even whether they are reportage, product or portrait photos.

General retouching can also include setting the appropriate parameters: exposure, white balance, saturation and contrast.

Face retouching in reportage photos

Reportage photos from baptisms, weddings or other sessions in which people are to participate, of course, their faces will appear. Often, such photos play the role of souvenirs, so it is important to present the image of people performing in good condition. What does it mean? This means that in the case of such photos, we have to focus on face retouching for a long time.

We get rid of imperfections that are not permanent, i.e. blemishes, discolorations. We also smooth the face. However, we must remember to maintain the realistic appearance of the skin. We must not overdo it. Its color should harmonize with the overall color of the photo.

Background retouching in reportage photos

Especially when reporting on cultural and political events, the photographer can’t control what’s going on in the background. Reflections, dirt, imperfections. To make a photo look aesthetically pleasing, we can get rid of these imperfections by removing them, unless the photograph is intended to show the reality that these imperfections create. However, in the case of retouching reportage photos from family events, it will be necessary or even mandatory.

The background of photojournalism can also be a cluster of highlights and shadows. We also have to deal with this during retouching, because it is these imperfections that disturb the composition of the entire reportage photography to the greatest extent.

Retouching architecture and interiors of photojournalism

Reportage photography is not only about faces, but also architecture can be found in the frame. In the case of retouching photos that were taken indoors, as well as photos with buildings, it is mandatory to adjust the verticals and horizontals, which we mentioned earlier. This is one of the most important steps to make our photo look professional. In the next steps, we can focus on the rest, i.e. removing unnecessary reflections and getting rid of local discolorations that remained even after setting the appropriate white balance.

Retouching photo reportage effects

What will photo retouching do for your reportage photos? Professional processing will allow you to highlight the features of the photos taken. It will also improve the overall visual effect. Through such procedures, the photo will intrigue the viewer and encourage them to look at the whole story that the photo report presents. All this with the help of unique photographs.

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