How to upload photos for online editing

This section was created to introduce you step by step
what the stage of cooperation with us looks like

In the first stage, we select the service you need in the store.

For example:
– you need to process 2 shots of simple photos, you don’t expect advanced photo processing and editing or additional retouching


In the second stage, we choose the service we are interested in in the store.
After entering the website, you search for the service you are interested in, in the case of our example it is a general product for calculating most simple orders – Improve color in the photo


In the third stage, we choose the scope of work, the number of photos and upload the photos.
In the scope of work panel, we mark the retouches/colour treatments we are interested in

4After selecting the scope of work, upload the photos that you want to be processed.


After adding products to the basket in this place, we can see our basket or edit it, or go straight to finalizing the order by clicking the order button.


In the fourth stage, we fill in the data for billing, after filling in these fields, a window will appear on the right called “Note / remarks to the order” in which we can write our comments regarding the photos, e.g.

– “please remember to fill the bald spot with hair :) ”
– “please edit in sepia”
– “from the uploaded shots, please choose the 12 best in terms of processing that I paid for – you know it better than me :)”

5If we have no comments, we proceed to payment.

The fifth step is choosing the payment method.
The default payment method is payment via a standard bank transfer, however, it is possible to pay via, PayPal, Stripe, GPay, ApplePay, AliPay.

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You don’t need to register to place an order, however you are already a registered user, billing details will be filled in automatically.

After payment, we will receive a confirmation of payment for the order, a copy of the confirmation will also be sent to your email address. At this point, you can immediately upload photos for processing, where you can upload photos to each field separately, which are to be in color, black and white or in a different color scheme. Files can be moved to the appropriate fields or files can be selected manually.

Photo editing

After receiving the files, we work on your photos according to orders

We are constantly developing and working to ensure that you receive edited photos in the shortest possible time.
The processed photos will be available for download at a unique link – which we will inform you in a separate email that the photos are already processed and available on our server at a specific address.

If, for example, we want to receive 6 color photos and 5 black and white photos, we upload photos to the appropriately marked fields.< /span>

If, for example, we want to receive 6 color photos and 5 black and white photos, we upload the photos to the appropriately marked fields.

If we want to receive only colored ones, we upload them to the field named COLORFUL
If we want to receive only black and white, we upload to the field named BLACK AND WHITE
If it is to be a different color scheme, it must be entered in the notes and uploaded to the appropriate field.

You don’t have to rush and upload files right away. You will also receive an email with a link to upload your photos.

If you are not a registered user, you will automatically receive a link to upload photos, pinned to your order.
If you are a registered user, you will automatically receive a login link, in the My Account panel you will be able to manage your orders, upload / delete photos assigned to your orders.

my account

This is where one order ends in 90% of cases

We are always open to all kinds of suggestions and comments, all requests and complaints are implemented on an ongoing basis out of sequence.