Canvas images

We improve the quality of photos and prints for large-format prints and photo prints on canvas, the so-called canvas. We perform photo retouching, we correct the colors in the photos so that they can, at a certain enlargement, without loss of quality, serve as an image in an important place for you and remind you of unforgettable moments. We make it possible to print them on appropriate 360g/m2 cotton or, in a cheaper version, on 220g/m2 polyester.

We also offer individual alterations of various types, e.g.:

  • photo montages and photo storage
  • removing or adding items
  • creating mosaics from photos
  • professional preparation for printing
  • lossless enlarging of files for large format prints

For individual orders that are not in the store, please use the file upload form below on this page, small files can also be sent by email Regarding the valuation of the order – in addition to the description, please attach photos to be valued.