Wedding photo retouching

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of the bride and groom. In order to preserve the memories of this extraordinary time, a photographer is commissioned to commemorate it in the form of photos. They depict not only the ceremony and the wedding itself, but also the preparations for the wedding. Everyone is accompanied by haste and the desire to finish everything down to the last detail. It is natural that no one will pose for a photo during this time. But no one has to worry about imperfections either. This problem is solved by retouching wedding photos.

Wedding photography

Wedding preparation photos capture those magical moments as the bride and groom prepare for the ceremony. Morning of the bride who is sitting in an armchair and her hair is arranged in a beautiful bun. The groom, who is buttoning up, adjusts his bow tie. Then we witness the wedding ceremony. The photos captured a bit of stress, then smiles and emotions. However, it is the wedding that forces photography to be dynamic. The first dance of a married couple, constant movements.

Photos from your wedding day are the most beautiful souvenirs that will last for years and generations. At any time, it is possible to return to them on the computer, or after calling them. It is obvious that a raw photo, i.e. without processing, is not perfect. Retouching wedding photography is, among other things, to feel comfortable looking through the photos, not to worry about the imperfections that appeared on the eve of the wedding.

Retouch wedding photos

What does retouching a wedding photo consist of? This process requires the retoucher’s time because you have to focus on the many aspects that the photographs contain. There are mainly the bride and groom, other participants of the wedding – this is already included in facial treatment. Going further, you also need to focus on the background where there may be undesirable elements. It is also a general retouching of wedding photography, making it more attractive, such as color saturation, getting rid of x-rays, and creating a specific atmosphere in the photo. Let’s describe the individual planes that make up the retouching of a wedding photo.

Processing wedding photos

The first step in photo processing, not only wedding photography, is cropping, straightening in relation to vertical and horizontal. In a word, general machining. You should set the white balance and exposure properly, do not exaggerate the contrast and saturate the colors. In the case of noise, leaving it partially will give the photo a mood. Let’s make everything look natural. Excessive processing can spoil the photo, so let’s be careful. Retouching a wedding photo is supposed to make it look better, not the other way around.

Face retouching for wedding photos

One of the basic steps in retouching wedding photography is improving the appearance of the face and body. Why? Because it is the faces in the photos from the wedding that are the most. This also applies to photos from the wedding session. It is at this step that we can provide the previously mentioned comfort for the person viewing the photos.

Retouching a face removes non-permanent changes, i.e. something that may disappear in the near future. There will be no scars and moles. However, imperfections that need to be removed include blemishes. In this case, we smooth the face. When retouching the skin, you must remember to preserve its structure. Discolorations, shadows or x-rays may appear on the face. If they are excessive, we also get rid of them. We also improve skin tone. In this case, you need to look at the whole body, i.e. the skin of the face, hands and legs.

Sometimes a photo is taken at an angle that “bolds” the character. Wedding photo retouching will also find a solution for this. In this case, we slim the silhouette or individual parts of the body. We also do this not exaggeratedly, keeping the proportions.

There may be something on the face that we don’t always control. Unruly strands, dust particles. To make the photo look more aesthetic, we eliminate it.

If the photo was to focus attention on one element, such as the Bride’s pearl eyeshadow, we emphasize it. We make a detailed correction of this very place, we emphasize the colors. Remember that everything on the face should be consistent with each other.

Background retouch for wedding photography

Not only the face but also the background includes retouching of the wedding photo. Now that we’ve removed unnecessary shadows and highlights, we can focus on the rest. The background should be atmospheric colors. We associate a wedding with delicacy and subtlety. However, if we care about character, let’s emphasize a given color in the photo.

As mentioned earlier, you can’t control everything and plan everything. There will always be something in the pictures that we don’t want. Once again, we are greeted by retouching wedding photography. We cut out the elements that rob the photo of aesthetics. Mostly distracting to the viewer. There was a lamp right next to the church where the bride and groom were getting married. If it’s nothing important in this photo, we can retouch it.

Sometimes it’s useful to add something because the photo is ‘boring’. Sometimes it is this one little element that makes a photo magical. It can be a light beam, particles. Let’s be creative! Not only this is an important feature in processing, because mindfulness also counts. If we notice that something in the photo has been cut off, e.g. due to movement, let’s refine this element.

Wedding photo retouch effects

Your wedding photos are often revisited, especially if they are aesthetically pleasing and well edited. The warmth of colors will bring back memories of that day. Raw photos don’t always show us what we wanted, which is why retouching wedding photography is so important. The photos processed in this way will stand out among others with their professionalism.