Ghost photos

Ghost photos are most often used in the fashion industry. Their goal is to present clothing or gadgets as if on a mannequin, and at the same time so that the mannequin is not visible – on an invisible silhouette, where the name comes from.

Such ghost images are shared on clothing websites. Each of the clothes is presented from the front and back, which can be seen by the customer who does not have to go to a brick-and-mortar store to buy clothes. Can make a purchase online.

Fashion photo retouching

Ghost retouching is the process of gluing a series of photos of the same garment together. In addition to the skillful “assembly” of photos into one, you should focus on the uniformity of other parameters, such as the background and lighting. Such retouching of ghost photos is done by our graphic designers who can professionally create a photograph with an invisible silhouette.

Criteria for photos to be ghosted

What photos can be retouched to create a ghost photo? When sending us fashion photos intended for processing, remember that the clothes presented in them should be ironed, without unnatural folds. It is also worth cleaning your clothes from dust before the session.

Another important point when retouching ghost photos is that the clothes should be arranged as symmetrically as possible. The left side of the garment should be equal to the right side. Symmetry also applies to lighting – it must be even, not too bright and not too dark.

What else should I keep in mind when sending us photos for retouching? Ghost photos are created by gluing clothes together from different perspectives, so the photos you want to send us must show the items from their front side and the back and left sides of the clothes.

Ghost photos are most often presented on a white background, so it is preferable to take photos using it.

Ghost photo retouch

Want to send us your fashion photos for retouching? We invite you to CONTACT – to send files for valuation via our website, and to ask questions in case of any doubts.