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Automotive is very popular and popular. At almost every step we can meet car and motorcycle enthusiasts. They organize motoring rallies, during which everyone can look at the Polish “toddler” or the newer Ferrari. Others, instead of looking at them, prefer to capture the horsepower in a photo that will reflect the beauty of the machine. Not only automotive fans take such photos, but it is also important in the automotive industry. The manufacturer wants to show his product in the best possible form. In both cases, the portfolio photographer and the manufacturer, automotive photo retouching is important. Often it is he who does all the work and helps to emphasize the qualities of the vehicle immortalized in the photo. Why is our discussed automotive photo retouching so important?

Automotive photo retouching – its role

Often, looking through the photos of a car that has already been taken, we wonder why, despite the sophisticated frame, good lighting and a nice background, something still doesn’t suit us? We also compare photos of other photographers and we get even more depressed.

The problem is that most likely each of these perfect photos has undergone processing, e.g. in Photoshop. And not only photos of an amateur photographer are uploaded to this program, but also those directly from the producer. It is the retouching of automotive photographs that allows you to emphasize everything that has been captured in the photos, and helps to get rid of its imperfections.

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fot. Dominik Szpara

Automotive photography processing

The words automotive photo retouching can mean many activities that will improve the appearance and quality of our photos. They may concern the background, the color of the vehicle, light, or undesirable things in the photo, and even adding certain elements to it. The principle of “what the heart desires” applies here. Sometimes the photo will require light processing, focusing on emphasizing clarity, but it may also need more advanced action, i.e. removing the background or light reflections.

Background in automotive photos

When it comes to retouching automotive photos, the background is extremely important, because in this case it can become the bane. A mismatch will attract more attention than the machine itself, and this will either repulse him or simply prevent him from seeing what is most important, the vehicle. Such a background acts as a distraction, and it’s not that someone doesn’t even look at this beautiful car or motorcycle. Everything must be consistent and uniform.

Retouching and processing automotive photos allows you to match the background to the whole photo. Do you want the viewer to focus only on the machine you are presenting? Choose a solid background color, such as white or black.

It is also possible to substitute a different background of your choice. Instead of the most ordinary sky, a pine forest is more suitable? In this case, you need to focus on accurately cutting out the vehicle, e.g. with a lasso. Once we make sure that we did it reliably, we copy the cut element with CTRL + C, and then paste it on the background we found earlier. At this point, the size of the vehicle in relation to the rest of the photo should be actualized. Reference points can be trees, other cars, or the width of the asphalt. You can crop the photo if necessary. However, you must remember to create shadows, depending on where the light falls.

But if you’ve already planned out the background when taking photos, and you don’t like one element, such as that lamp in the corner, it’s worth removing it. And if there is a possibility of removal, there is also an addition. Then you should remember to remove the shadows of the retouched object or add it.

Color in automotive photos

Retouching automotive photos also includes taking care of the color, more precisely its correction or even a complete change! Each color can be improved, e.g. to make our red car more expressive, and the green of the motorcycle more lively. Emphasizing the saturation is an important thing when retouching automotive photos, because they are more pleasing to the eye, and this is, among other things, the purpose of processing. Sometimes even a complete change from black to orange is needed.

Light in automotive photos

Light likes to bounce. Retouching and processing automotive photos can solve this problem. It is possible to remove reflections of light that unnecessarily draw the viewer’s attention. It is then important to take the background into account. If it will be in one color, there is no need to leave reflections, because the background does not show the incidence of sun rays or simply lamps. Objects next to the vehicle are also reflected, it is also worth retouching. Often it is also getting rid of shadows, playing with contrast.

Automotive photo retouching effects

Retouching automotive photos will not only give the effects we see in the processed photo. Yes, it is a general improvement in the condition of our photo, its quality. However, thanks to all or part of the actions described earlier, the photograph will attract more attention of the viewer. If you put them in your portfolio or on social media, there is a chance that you will gain more followers. The photos will stand out from the rest with their quality.

In the case of an automotive company, photos retouched in this way will help build a brand in the eyes of customers. They will focus on the product, show its characteristics and emphasize the colors. In a word, they will attract the attention of customers, and this equals increasing the chance of selling your product. High quality will help your company stand out on the automotive market.

fot. Dominik Szpara

In the examples above, you can see the implementation of automotive photography consisting of several exposures blended into one final photo.

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