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FAQ Eng2023-08-18T09:04:34+02:00

Frequently asked questions about photo retouching

Do you perform processing, e.g. slimming the figure in the photos?2023-04-25T13:10:12+02:00

Of course, we treat each “other” order individually, which is why we contact the client individually to determine the details of the implementation.

What photo formats do you process?2023-04-25T10:53:15+02:00

It doesn’t matter to us whether we edit a photo in RAW or JPG format. It is known that from raw files we can get more in terms of processing.

What photo formats do you process?2023-04-25T10:39:30+02:00

It doesn’t matter to us whether we edit a photo in RAW or JPG format. It is known that from raw files we can get more in terms of processing.

What if I don’t like the edited photo…?2023-04-25T10:34:45+02:00

It is known that everyone looks at photographs differently, we have been doing this for 15 years, we are also professional photographers, we have already retouched thousands of photos, so it has never happened to us that no one clearly disliked the retouched photo.

Will we receive an invoice for the retouching / photo processing?2023-04-25T10:31:02+02:00

A personal or company invoice is issued for each order.

On my computer the colors are different why?2023-04-25T10:28:28+02:00

Not everyone knows that not all monitors, laptops, tablets have the same color reproduction. Our monitors are color-set thanks to professional calibrators, which is why the faces in the pictures viewed at your place, e.g. on a laptop, may be colder, no less, in print, we guarantee that it will come out correctly :)

What’s the maximum photo size I can upload?2023-04-25T10:23:29+02:00

The size and weight of the photos does not matter, so there are no limits :)

Can you make a photomontage on my photo?2023-04-25T09:59:03+02:00

Bright. We make a lot of such projects, adding fog, sun or some other elements is not a problem for us. Just describe what we have to do and we will try to meet it.

What presets do you use to retouch your photos?2023-04-25T09:55:09+02:00

-Nie używamy gotowych ustawień zadanych przez program. Do każdej fotografii sami dobieramy ustawienia, ponieważ nie każde zdjęcie ma taki sam charakter czy klimat.

What is the deadline for photo retouching?2023-04-25T09:53:11+02:00

We are constantly working to make working time as short as possible. Usually it takes about 2-3 working days depending on the number of photos sent.

What is the deadline for photo retouching?2023-04-25T09:49:03+02:00

We are constantly working to make working time as short as possible. Usually it takes about 2-3 working days depending on the number of photos sent.

How many photos and how large files can I send?2023-04-25T09:45:10+02:00

For your comfort, we have two dedicated servers with a capacity of 2TB (each). Therefore, there are no limits.

Can I get a discount if I am a regular customer?2023-04-25T09:35:00+02:00

For regular customers, the rates are set individually depending on the requirements and preferences or budget.

Can uploaded files be used by you later?2023-04-25T09:31:53+02:00

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we do not use, send, entrust or publish customer photos without their consent.

What will happen to our photos after the service is done?2023-04-25T09:28:02+02:00

After the customer receives the finished product, the files are archived for about 3 months, so that the files can be safely downloaded or re-sent if they are lost on the way, after this period the files are deleted.

What kind of photos do you retouch?2023-04-25T09:24:43+02:00

We retouch and process all types of photos:

  • portrait photos
  • amateur photos
  • landscape photos
  • wedding pictures
  • family photos
  • reportage photos
  • holiday pictures
  • photos of children
  • product photos
  • photos of interiors and architecture
  • automotive photos

Our offer also includes:

  • creating photomontages
  • restoration and coloring of old photos
  • scanning and digitization of prints and prints
  • Apply various effects to photos
  • various types of graphic modifications
  • graphic design for the internet or print (leaflets, simple graphic designs, diagrams, manuals, technical drawings)
What does the price of an individual order depend on?2023-04-25T09:22:02+02:00

The price mainly depends on the amount of time we have to reserve for the execution of a given order.

Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?2023-04-25T09:18:13+02:00

You can unsubscribe at any time and not receive any more messages from us.

What’s in the newsletter?2023-04-25T09:15:53+02:00

Information about newly added products and new blog entries.

I have not received a reply from you2023-04-25T09:12:07+02:00

Currently, mailboxes are sometimes too strict with messages.
If 48 hours have passed, see the spam / notifications folder.
We try to reply to every message on working days on the same day or up to 2 days.

Can I order ready-made prints from you?2023-04-25T09:07:55+02:00

You can order photo paintings in our shop, but you can also make various types of prints or large format fineart prints.

What are the possibilities and limitations of photomontage?2023-04-25T09:03:40+02:00

The only limitation is the client’s conceptual idea or the contractor’s experience, possible limitations may be files that cannot be juxtaposed in a meaningful way, so that the entire photomontage is realistic.

What types of photos can be combined in the case of photomontage?2023-04-25T08:59:50+02:00

In order for the photomontage to be realistic and breathtaking, photos of similar quality should be juxtaposed because the final photo will be reduced to the quality of the worst photo from the entire list. It should also be remembered that all photographs should have a similar angle of incidence of light, similar colors and perspective – in other cases, you need to remodel the incidence of light and improve the perspective of the photos. A good solution is for the client to send as many photos as possible that can be joined together. Let the graphic designer personally choose the photos that are suitable for this.

Why is photomontage done?2023-04-25T08:56:13+02:00

Photo montage is a service for everyone. Thanks to photomontage we can:

  • replace the face in the photo,
  • enrich the photo with additional elements,
  • turn into a fairy tale character,
  • create a product advertisement,
  • or, for example, create mocking gifts for our loved ones.

Thanks to this technique, we do not have to leave the house to take a photo in an exotic jungle or in sunny Egypt. Retouching the elevation, terrain, changing the sky, removing elements or adding plants is just a fraction of what our graphic designers can do. In a simple way and at an affordable price, we can become the face of a movie poster or the main character of a conceptual drawing.

What is the photomontage process like?2023-04-25T08:52:38+02:00

The submitted files are evaluated first. Not every photo can be put together in such a way that the whole concept still looks real. If such an option is possible, we prepare a photomontage concept. Then we select photos in terms of their quality, perspective and direction of light and shadows, and we adjust the contrast of photos, colors and adjust the angle of light and perspective, if possible.

The next stage of photomontage is adding elements such as hair, grass, adding vegetation and modeling characters, objects and backgrounds (in the case of water and other reflective surfaces, reflections should be added). In the final stage of photo montage, the final atmosphere is given by adding special effects such as: changing the depth of field, adding fog, dust, flares, lights, flashes, leaf petals. At the end, the contrast, shading, light, painting and finally setting the perspective and adding the last color touches, i.e. the so-called color-granding, are also improved.

Welche Art von Fotomontage kann ich bestellen?2023-04-25T08:51:12+02:00

Wir können praktisch alles vorbereiten, von der Fotomontage für ein Geschenk bis hin zu kommerziellen Projekten. Die einzige Grenze ist die Kreativität.

What is the waiting time for photomontage?2023-04-25T08:48:05+02:00

Depending on the labor intensity, but it is on average about 4-7 working days.

Who is beauty retouching for?2023-04-25T08:46:04+02:00

The product is aimed mainly at portrait and beauty photographers, as well as for amateurs of portrait photography.

What is the beauty retouching process?2023-04-25T08:44:42+02:00

For RAW files, the process starts with setting the right white balance and color enhancement.
The next stages are:
Face retouching: the most time-consuming skin retouching, where at very close-up, the places that need to be changed are retouched, inch by inch. Cleaning the pores of the skin from blackheads that were not covered by the powder.
In the first stage, blackheads and other skin blemishes are removed.
Later, the skin is corrected using the D&B technique (Improvement of tonal transitions between light and dark parts of the photo).
Eye retouching: removing red veins, equalizing the color of proteins, bringing out the color of the pupils,
Hair retouching: removal of stray hairs, hair styling, in some cases hair styling. Improvement of the light falling on the hair.
Skin color correction in the photo: even skin color, remove blemishes.
Body shaping.