Photo studio for dogs in Rzeszów

Photography of dogs

Dogs are one of the friendliest creatures. No wonder that these are the animals we choose to keep us company. It is worth keeping the most important memories, as well as photographs of our beloved pet. However, in order to take pictures of our four-legged friend, which will show its beauty in a professional way, it is worth going to a photo studio. They are characterized not only by good quality, but also by a great visual effect.
We are convinced that just as portrait photos show the beauty of a person and his soul, a photograph of an animal can show more than just its fur.

Photo studio for dogs in Rzeszów

In our newly opened premises in Rzeszów on ul. Grunwaldzka 18/2 houses not only a photo studio, designed to take pictures of people, but also dogs and cats. This is the only professional animal photo studio in Rzeszów! It is with us that you can organize a photo session for your pet. There is also a groomer who can prepare your pet for photos.
Our photo studio located in the center of Rzeszów has a unique atmosphere, which is created, among others, by brick walls and mood lighting. We also have a collection of dog clothes that can be used during your four-legged friend’s session.

When your pet is in front of the camera, we try to highlight its unique beauty and features through an individual approach. However, not only he can pose in front of the camera, because the owner of the animal can also join, who will receive a souvenir in the form of a joint photo with his dog.

Depending on the photo package you choose for your dog, you will receive professional photos after retouching and processing.

Welcome to our premises at ul. Grunwaldzka 18/2 in Rzeszów and if you have any questions, please contact us by phone.