Retouching image photos

Photos that present employees of a given team or facility individually and in groups can be called an image session. They are made in a professional environment, i.e. the workplace, and often during the performance of daily duties. This is how the employee is presented in working clothes and the duties he performs every day.

The image session affects a more professional perception of the presented person and the profession they perform. It is this type of session that creates the image of the photographed person, which is why he decides what elements he wants to include in the photo, as well as what talents or skills he wants to present.

An example of an image session is a photo session of doctors who are presented in a doctor’s uniform in front of the workplace. As the image session is called creative, depending on what specialty the doctor has, he may hold something in his hand that will represent him. A dentist holding a model of the jaw, a cardiologist holding the heart and an orthopedist holding the skeletal system.

Image session – for whom?

The image session is intended for a wide audience. Such photos can be made available on the website of the institution that commissioned the session, or on the website of an individual. Often the image is made public on all blogs and social networks.

This affects the greater recognition and professional reception of a given person. The use of image photos is applicable in many other aspects, such as using it for a business card.

So if you want to present yourself and your business by highlighting your strengths and talents, opt for an image session that will do it in a creative and elegant way.

Processing image photos

Retouching image photos will make the raw photo, i.e. without processing, refreshed. From gray colors we get expressive. We will also get rid of imperfections, such as overexposure or excessive shadows.

The image session mainly consists of introducing the person. That is why image retouching focuses on facial treatment, and often on removing imperfections in clothes, which may be creases.

Retouching image photos is to emphasize the most important of the characteristics of the photographed person, which the photo represents. It is also supposed to emphasize the professionalism of a man in natural, working conditions.

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Basic photo editing

Basic processing consists of cropping the image and setting its perspective, which can be done using the vertical and horizontal configuration.

When retouching image photos, we must pay attention to the white balance, which is responsible for the color temperature. In the case of contrast, the less there is, the more detailed the photo will be.

The colors captured by the camera’s sensor often differ from reality, so during retouching we try to make the photo the same as the colors perceived by the human eye. Vivid colors are created from less expressive colors.

Face correction in photo

Image photos focus the most attention on the person’s face. Therefore, face correction is of great importance here. When retouching the face from an image session, as well as any other, remember not to overdo it. The principle of face retouching says that we can correct everything that will disappear after two weeks, i.e. blemishes, slight discoloration and other imperfections. However, scars and moles should be left.

Removal of imperfections and correction of discolorations or skin x-rays are done locally so that these points do not stand out against the background of the whole face, so we do it like unprofessional.

For a better effect, we can smooth the skin, which will give a matte effect. Here, however, you need to know moderation to the greatest extent, because overdoing it can cause that in our photo we will see not a natural face, but a face of a doll.

When we talk about image, we also mean clothing, which also needs to be corrected. Creases are a natural thing, as are protruding threads or unconscious dirtnia. During retouching, we can also emphasize white, black or other color of photographed clothes.

Background on image photos

Retouching the background in image photos forces the graphic designer to be attentive, who must find the most visible elements that do not match the whole. It is not always possible to prepare the workplace so that the raw photos are perfect. There may also be discoloration, small dirt, which for a better visual effect can be retouched with local removal.

In image photos, the background usually plays an important role, so to show its fullness, we remove the vignette that obscures the corners of our photo.

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General photo composition

In addition to the face and background, there may be other objects in the photo, such as props, which we also need to retouch. It is important to remember that each of the components makes up the entire photograph, so the overall composition must be as consistent as possible.

Effects of image retouching

A retouched image is always much better than a raw image, which the camera unfortunately does not always capture.

Image session is a good alternative for those who want to present their own image and the work they do in a creative and elegant way. Such photos can be published on a website or portals.

Please contact us if you are interested in retouching photos from an image session via the website or by phone.