Processing product photos for the website

This time we present retouching of product photos for a manufacturer of urns from Rzeszów. The subject of the order were product photos intended for catalogs and websites, they should be as transparent as possible. Their goal is to interest the customer in the product shown in the photo, and at a later stage to buy it due to demand.

To get to the first stage, which is interest in the customer’s product photography, you need to focus on taking it and then retouching it.

Urn product photo retouching allows you to refine the smallest details that cannot be controlled by the photographer in the studio. That is why photo processing is so important and we will talk about it today.

General processing of urn product photos

Remember that with each photo it is best to start with cropping, because then we have a clearly defined working area, i.e. the one we will work with and retouch. We get rid of unnecessary space. In urn product photos, it will be the surplus of white around the presented item, because this is the background that photography is most often taken against.

Another thing you need to do when retouching is horizontal and vertical alignment. If this is missing, every curve will be noticeable.

Dark, light and colors

What else do you need to remember? So that our product photo is neither too dark nor too bright. The matter will be solved by setting the appropriate exposure, white balance or contrast, or by doing it pointwise.

Here we also try to saturate the colors of the urn so that the photo is not grayish, unless the product is of this color. More vivid colors will be more interesting to the customer looking for a product. However, we must not exaggerate with the color, because it must be as close to real as possible, because the first thing the customer will see is the photo on the website, not the product itself.

Background on urn product photos

As we mentioned, urn product photos usually have a white background. It is thanks to it that the customer can focus on the product, its decoration, colors and shape.

It is worth studying whether there is an element in the background, or more precisely on the background, that should not be there. It’s one of those things you can’t always control. There is always a chance that there will be hair, lint, and maybe a tiny dirt. It will be especially noticeable on a white background.

In addition, we must remember about the uniformity of the background, which means that the right side of the background of our product photo cannot be darker than the left. Not the other way around! We are to see one and the same white.

Light reflections

Urns, due to the fact that they are usually made of marble, granite or other stone, reflect light in a very simple way. That’s why a product photo of urns requires spending some time to remove reflections of light that distract the customer, who should focus on the pattern and color of the product.

We get rid of excess reflections or darken them in spots. However, we do not delete them completely! It is the reflections of light that tell the customer what material the urn is made of. Is it stone, matte? These are important questions when buying a product, so let’s give a clear answer to the questioner through the product photo of the urn.

Urn imperfections

We don’t have super powers to control dust, especially the dust visible on the photographed product. However, urn product photo retouching has the power to remove that dust from your photography. So let’s look at the photo again and find out what attracts more and less attention.

We do the same for other product imperfections that appear in our product photography.

The end result of photo retouching

Our retouching of urn product photos gives an effect that cannot be achieved with the raw photo, i.e. the one before retouching. Removing imperfections and refining details allows you to devote 100% attention to the product, because product photos are directed to the websites of manufacturers and companies.

If you are interested in our offer of product photo retouching, you strive to improve the quality of photos of your products, please contact us via contact or select a service in shop.

Product photo processing – Photographer Marek Wolan