Product photos for the furniture industry

We always try to emphasize the essence of product photos, which not only advertise a service or product, but also prove our company. More specifically about her professionalism, because when your photos on the website are of impeccable quality, the client will look at you as a person who cares about her perfection.

This is how you provide the customer with what he needs, i.e. photos that will 100% reflect the appearance of the product. Thanks to this, such a customer can make a purchase online without fear, and with a great sense of credibility. In addition, it supports his convenience, because he does not have to make a purchase in a brick-and-mortar store.

When it comes to furniture, what can you do to make their raw photos look more appealing? Of course, we offer you photo retouching, because we know how much it can improve the quality of a product session. And a few words about it…

Furniture photo retouching

What is the focus of photo retouching for the furniture industry, which aims to make them more attractive and present the product so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing? The task of our graphic designers, when retouching product photos of furniture, is mainly slits, i.e. cutting out the background and removing imperfections.

The product shown in the photo is cut out from the background on which the photo was taken, and then pasted onto a white background. It allows for transparency. A person viewing such a product photo is focused on the appearance of the furniture itself, and therefore remains undistracted.

The imperfections we get rid of include anything that interferes with the product’s appearance, such as dust, scratches, and discoloration.

Processing furniture product photos

How to place an order for photo retouching for the furniture industry? For this purpose, we invite you to the “shop” tab on our website, where you can upload files and post a comment about what you expect. However, if you want to ask us a question first, please contact us via the website or by phone.

Product photos play an important role in e-commerce, website catalogs, advertising leaflets, the offer of every commercial and production company, so it is worth providing yourself and your company with professional photos, and even more to your customers.

If you are interested in taking pictures of furniture products or retouching, photo processing for the furniture industry for the needs of e-commerce, website, catalog with the offer, please visit CONTACT< /a>.

Product photographer – M.Wolan