Retouching photos from a maternity session

Photos from the maternity session are a long-term souvenir for parents as well as the child himself, who in the photos is under the mother’s heart. It can be said that the time of taking maternity photos is a moment of celebration of pregnancy and waiting for the birth of the little one.

During a belly session, the center is to be a woman who exposes her belly in the photos, so the most important thing is that she feels comfortable and special. The individual approach of the photographer is important, but so is the outfit in which the woman decides to appear in front of the camera.

Maternity photos are usually taken between the sixth and eighth month of pregnancy. This is the time when the belly is visibly rounded and the woman feels best.

Processing pregnancy photos Rzeszów

When pregnancy photos have already been created – why is it worth deciding to retouch them? What results can you expect from giving your maternity photos to professionals?

Raw photos, i.e. photos that have not yet gone through the processing stage, are nice. What counts in them is the skill of the photographer, the role of light, perspective and what is in the picture. They can delight. However, photos subjected to even the slightest retouching can delight even more. Often it is enough to even gently tweak the color saturation, exposure, or remove minor imperfections. Photo retouching from a maternity session can transform your photos in a simple but amazing way.

When deciding to retouch photos from a maternity session, it is worth considering what we really expect. Do you care about emphasizing the aesthetics in the photo, or maybe introducing the viewer of pregnancy photos into a magical atmosphere? Photo retouching from a pregnancy session can be divided into several levels, which are mentioned below.

General retouching of pregnancy photos

The general retouching of photos from the maternity session will include cropping the photo to the most attractive size. Setting it relative to vertical and horizontal and changing the most basic elements, such as exposure, contrast, white balance or color saturation. During general retouching of photos from a pregnancy session, we also get rid of undesirable elements, imperfections that attract a lot of attention and do not add anything to the entire composition of pregnancy photography. Already at this stage, you can feel the change between the raw and retouched photo. However, if you want an even more expressive effect, we have advanced photo retouching for you from the maternity session.

Advanced maternity photo retouching

What makes advanced maternity photo retouching special? Here we have a slightly wider field to show off, because we can focus more on your image, improving imperfections. Advanced retouching will also include, for example, changing the color of clothes or removing an element from the photo. Or maybe you didn’t have the perfect backdrop behind you when taking photos? We can correct that too. So – everything that is not subject to system processing of photos will be advanced retouching of photos from the maternity session.

Pregnancy photo retouching effects

As we mentioned earlier, even the smallest actions can change the look of your pregnancy photo and emphasize its aesthetics, so that they make it even more pleasant when you look at it. They attract even more attention and stimulate emotions. In a few years, the photos will have the power of memories, which is why it is worth investing not only in the pregnancy photos themselves, but also in their professional computer retouching. Removing imperfections from photos will make you want to return to photography even more.

Thanks to our professionalism, your retouched photos will remain in great quality, and if the raw photo was not in such quality, we will create it. You can print such retouched pregnancy photos to a family album, give them to your family, or hang them on the wall in a frame so that you can come back to them every day. Thanks to its quality, you can also share the photos retouched by us on your social media.

Ordering and contact

Do you want your maternity photos to look even more magical and emphasize the beauty of waiting for your little one to come into the world? If you focus on aesthetics, but you do not have the program and knowledge about photo processing, we invite you to place an order on our website. We will provide you with professional photo retouching from the maternity session in line with your expectations.

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