Retouching photos from the Holy Baptism

It is worth immortalizing important events in a person’s life with photos, which we can look at with emotion a few years later. It is especially worth doing this when the time of the Baptism of our child comes. If we immortalize these important moments of the celebration of the sacrament of Holy Baptism, the hero of that day will be able to watch them in his adulthood and pass them on even to his children. For these photos to catch the eye, you need to focus on them when you take them, but retouching can spice up everything that makes them special.

Retouching photos from Baptism

Christening photos are magical in themselves for this important occasion, but what if they could be made even more wonderful?

We know from experience that the photographer is not always able to control everything that happens during the baptism ceremony and family dinner and celebration. Sometimes the sun’s rays will appear where they are not needed, and sometimes they will not be there. This will result in a photo that is either too bright or too dark, from which little can be read. Sometimes there is something in front of the lens that really distracts the attention, although it is a small and inconspicuous element.

Our graphic designers deal with photo retouching that will make your baptism photos emphasize the delicate nature of the occasion. They are professionals equipped with the right photo processing program and creativity, so you don’t have to worry about anything – you send us the files and we take care of the rest.

Retouching photos from the Holy Baptism will surely make your family look at them with sentiment, due to their aesthetic and warm atmosphere.

General processing of baptism photos

Retouching photos from the baptism ceremony, as well as from the subsequent family reunion allows you to emphasize the most important elements of that day. This is to emphasize the most important parameters of the photos, i.e. exposure, white balance and contrast. The saturation of colors is important, which creates a delicate atmosphere of the entire session.

In addition to the previously mentioned treatments, we deal with cropping, straightening photos, by setting it relative to the vertical and horizontal, and we also get rid of overexposure and too dark areas, which makes the Baptism photo look more aesthetically and clearly. We are also able to remove imperfections that spoil the visual effect of the photos, because as we have already mentioned, sometimes there may be something that can really disturb its harmony and is unnecessary.

Advanced photo retouching

If you would like more advanced retouching of your Baptism photos, including facial retouching, please let us know when placing your order. We ask you for precision, thanks to which we will be able to process your order faster. In the case of more advanced retouching, the costs of its implementation are higher and take a little longer. Thanks to the advanced retouching that you will order, you will be able to feel more comfortable while viewing the photos.

In the case of face retouching, we remove everything from it that can disappear within two weeks, i.e. imperfections such as blemishes or skin discolorations. You can also commission us to correct the color of your hair or slim down your figure. We understand your needs, which is why we will do everything to make the photos submitted to us for retouching look as attractive as possible.

Price for photo retouching

Each order is priced individually, depending on the number of photos, their type and the type of retouching the photos are to be subjected to. You will find out about the cost of the order by sending us files via our website. Right after your payment, we proceed to its implementation. After the photos are subjected to our professional computer processing, we send you ready files, which, thanks to good quality, can be used for printing or sharing on social media and sending to your family.

If you have any questions before sending us your files, please visit CONTACT via our website or telephone contact. We will be happy to answer them :). Provide yourself and your family with a unique souvenir in the form of atmospheric Baptism photos, which are also aesthetically pleasing and of great quality.

Photographer for Baptism of Rzeszów – M.Wolan