Improving the quality of the photo of the clinic’s company building

We know that even the best photo sometimes needs to be tweaked. We often want it to be really professional and aesthetic. However, we cannot always get rid of everything that should not be in front of the lens when taking a photo.

That’s why we’re here to help! We are able to change your photo, improve its quality, and remove elements that are unnecessary for you. All thanks to photo retouching.

Retouching photos of the clinic for the website

An example of retouching, during which we removed unnecessary elements and created an aesthetic photograph with it, was the processing of photos for an ophthalmology clinic in Sopot. The client chose non-system photo retouching for a company photo ordering to improve their quality and remove specific elements from the photo.

Processing photos of the company building

Retouching the photo of the building of the Dr Szulc Ophthalmological Center began with improving the overall quality of the photo, white balance indicator, exposure and other parameters. The redundant elements that we were asked to remove from the photo were shrubs and trees that obscured the target building and distracted attention.

Additionally, we improved the perspective of the photo and the frame so that the building of the Dr Szulc Clinic is positioned relative to the vertical.

Non-system photo retouching

On our website, you can order system photo retouching for typical photo processing, including improving the quality, color, but there is also the option of non-system retouching.

By ordering non-system retouching to us, you decide what exactly we should do. This is an individual order. We present you a quote and immediately after the payment we process it. So what is non-system machining? This is, among others, as in the case of photo retouching for the DR Szulc Ophthalmological Center, quality improvement, removal of a given element, color change.

To place an order, please visit the Store tab. If you have any questions, please visit CONTACT.

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