Photo painting on cotton canvas

Order a photo picture on high-quality canvas. It is characterized by high grammage and print quality. It does not reflect light, which makes it ideal for heavily lit rooms.

Frame: paint loom.
Format: portrait or landscape.

The canvas is stretched on a stretcher (a high-quality painting loom).
The wooden stretcher guarantees proper stretching of the canvas.

Polyester canvas is characterized by perfect smoothness, while cotton resembles natural painting canvas with visible canvas texture.

Printing technology on canvas

To print the image on canvas, we use Canon photo plotters, printing in the pigment ink technique. Printing images on canvas is done at a resolution of 1440 dpi, which guarantees photographic quality and exceptional detail.
Photo printing technologies used by our company meet the requirements of museum and gallery quality. For canvas printing, we use only original, ecological and odorless inks that do not contain substances harmful to humans.

Printing images on canvas

The side edges of the canvas are always printed, thanks to which they look great even when viewed from a high angle (3D effect) and are suitable for immediate hanging without the need for additional frames. When framing the photos sent by the client, you no longer have to worry about important details in the photo not being in close proximity to the edge of the photo and not being cut off. In the case of a tight frame, we will make the side edges on the principle of mirror reflections, thanks to which nothing will be cut off. We print the photo image on:

– polyester 220g/m2 – (very smooth and fine surface of the material, which after printing is similar to market photo paintings)

– cotton 360/m2 – ( cotton canvas with thicker threads that are irregular. It is a less detailed material and resembles a painting very well. It is ideal for graphics. The advantage of this material is the possibility magnification).

A photo print on canvas can be made in various sizes, which of course depends on the quality of the photo delivered to our photo studio. Its quality is judged by our photographer. Possible canvas print sizes are: 30 x 30cm; 30x40cm; 40x40cm; 40x50cm; 40x60cm; 50x50cm; 50x70cm; 60x60cm; 60x80cm; 60x90cm; 70x70cm; 70x100cm; 120x80cm; 140x100cm; 150x100cm.

Vernishing a photo

Varnish is a noble varnish whose main task is to protect the surface of the image made from the photo. It protects against excessive light, color fading and aging of the print, without reducing the quality and quality of the ink, which significantly extends the life of the photo image. We use varnish on a photo painting in a glossy version, which gives a beautiful, crystal colorless and glossy coating, additionally increasing the color saturation.

Upload the photo to the appropriate field (if color correction or conversion to black and white is to be carried out) or upload it to the “no correction” field.