Imprint photo on DVD

Our photo studio makes the highest quality print on a glossy and waterproof DVD (DVD printing). Visually, the quality of the print corresponds to an embossed DVD. We provide printing of color and black and white photos on DVDs. You can buy cheaper boards on the market, but they are often not waterproof, the solid color is of poor quality or they are not shiny. We guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Printing on DVDs

We prepare DVD prints for all the materials you record. You can give them in an attractive and professional form. We print photos on waterproof DVDs.

Photos are most often printed on DVDs on materials from weddings for newlyweds and people recording, recording commemorative films from communions, baptisms, events corporate events, candidates’ portfolios, presentations and company materials, e.g. with a company logo, brand or product presentations, master’s, bachelor’s, doctoral, engineering theses, MRI photos, X-rays, diploma projects, photos from holidays and holidays (from summer camps and summer camps) from holidays and vacations, school celebrations – proms, final exams, student registration, CDs with music, computer games, CDs with films, materials for dental companies.

Printed DVD

Printing a photo on a DVD will also be perfect for training companies that provide training materials to their trainees. That is why we more and more often print on DVDs for lectors, speakers, trainers, managers, training companies that provide their employees with important and necessary materials.

Take care of the professional, thematic, aesthetic appearance of the album that you show, submit for evaluation or return. Apart from being an ordinary data carrier, it is also your business card and a form of advertising. High-quality printing made by our photo studio allows you to use any photo on the plate.

Slabs with photo print

Send us a picture online. Delivery time – printing on a DVD is 2-3 working days. You will receive a high-quality, durable, personalized DVD print. We make it with an Epson 1850 printer suitable for this process. We handle orders delivered electronically and brought to our photo studio.

Dubbing DVDs

At the request of our customers, we also perform embossing, copying, recording. duplication of DVDs in very high quality. In our studio you will realize a complete product. We back up the files that are important to you. If you need a larger order for printing a photo on a plate and creating a larger number of pieces, we are able to emboss other plates for you in the same quality.