Large photo formats

Print Quality: Printed on a Canon iPF 8400 12-pigment printer using genuine inks in the highest quality mode. Plotter printout is of much higher quality than printout on canvas.

If you are bored with ordinary photos in typical sizes, then choose a large format print? Send us your photo. You can additionally order color and detailed photo processing, optionally with simple or advanced retouching. You can also choose to correct the quality and resolution of the photo if it is not suitable for enlargement. We will prepare a specialized enlargement of the photo resolution if it is required to enlarge it.

Our photo studio takes photos for business clients for companies and for artists, graphic designers for photo exhibitions and for individual clients.

XXL prints

Large-format printing is carried out on white basic, satin, snow-white paper with a fine-grained surface, produced in Japan, with a weight of 230 to 255g. A large selection of large-format photo printing sizes from 40 x 40 cm up to 110 x 147 cm will allow you to maintain the appropriate quality of the print and match it to the interior on the wall. The large format of the photo allows you to preserve and expose all its important details.

Large format prints

Choose photo size, paper type and order your large format prints online. Remember to choose good photos with the best resolution. The better the quality of the uploaded photo, the better the large format print. The photo must always be adjusted to the print size.

Large format photo printing

We also prepare and edit photos, e.g. from holidays, holidays, occasional photos or portraits of children, which are perfect for hanging on the wall in a frame.