Photo album in fabric cover

Traditional canvas-bound photo albums are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each traditional album is glued with the use of selected, best-in-the-world adhesives. The materials used for the covers have also been carefully selected so that they can delight everyone, even the most demanding recipient, both to the touch and visually.

Album blocks are not imported from an unknown Chinese manufacturer, but are made from start to finish in Poland. The papers used for the blocks are acid-free, and their stiffness and the method of joining allow the cards to be opened “flat”. The dividers between the cards, despite being made of very thin parchment, are strong and tend to self-press. They are very aesthetic and evenly glued in.

Photo album in soft cover linen

Albums are made with incredible precision. From the very beginning, the assumption was not to save on raw materials, but to use materials with the highest aesthetic and strength values for the production. Therefore, both ecological leather and canvas are imported from Italy.

Wedding photo album

Each ready-made photo album is individually inspected and packed in a cardboard box before being sold. Thanks to the materials used and precise manual bookbinding, our hand-bound traditional photo albums have gained popularity among many photographers as the most exclusive wedding albums (wedding photo album).

Each Album can also be personalized. Each album includes a cover made of suede canvas. These albums are among the world leaders. The album is larger than the cards by about 2cm, i.e. an album with 28x28cm cards has a total cover size of 30x30cm. Our sale offer includes traditional hand-bound photo albums in the size of album cards:

– 25x25cm; 28x28cm; 33x33cm;

Personalized wedding album

Its additional advantages are the possibility of its personalization:

– choice of album card color (black, cream, ecri metallic),

– selection of parchment dividers (no dividers, smooth parchment),

– choice of album cover color (cream, black, red, gray brown),

– corners (rounded, straight),

– cover material (canvas, ecological leather, velvet, velvet, nubuck – gray, burgundy, black, red, ecru, powder pink, sapphire, with light rosettes, floral motifs).

Preview of available upholstery and finished product in the gallery.
The delivery time for the album is 10-14 working days.