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Remove a person from a photo

90.00 z VAT

Removing people from a photo

Want to enjoy those special memories that are interrupted by seeing your ex in photos together? Do you dream of reminiscing about a trip abroad without seeing your friend accompanying you who hurt you? Or maybe just by chance (or not) a stranger caught your unique shot on top of the mountain? We are here to help in all these cases!

Effective removal of people from photos

Photographs are the best way to preserve memories of important events in our lives. More and more often, however, it happens that although we want to remember the places we visited or the events we participated in, we do not necessarily feel like remembering the people who accompanied us. In such a situation, we suggest using our innovative service, which is removing a person from a photo. This is an opportunity that has been prepared for all those who want to enjoy the beauty of photos without accidental passers-by or former lovers.

Why choose to remove a person from a photo?

Relationships can be complicated. In the modern world, more and more friendships and relationships are falling apart. Unfortunately, many breakups are inextricably linked to quarrels, tears and memories that we want to forget as soon as possible. We do not immediately decide to start a new relationship, but when such a moment comes, we want to give our partner as many details as possible about our life so far. Photos may be helpful. However, can you imagine that showing your other half photos with your previous partner would be comfortable and pleasant for both of you? We are perfectly aware that such situations can be embarrassing, which is why, in response to real needs, we offer professional photo montage that allows you to remove a person from a photograph.

How do we remove people from photos?

We are professionals, so we pay attention to the smallest details in the photo editing process. Removing people from a photo is possible for most photos you have taken. Specialized photo processing programs at our photo studio allow us to retouch photos and make them look as if they were just taken with the best camera. In addition, as part of the purchased offer, we perform professional photo processing and retouching for you.

Our work as photographers allows us to relive important events and find joy in fantastic shots. Using our offer and online photo services is a guarantee of the highest quality and professionalism of our entire photo salon in Rzeszów. In some cases, an order may not be feasible, in which case the order will be canceled and a refund will be made to your bank account. This decision is made by our photographer after reviewing the digital file or photo



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usuwanie osób ze zdjęciausuwanie osób ze zdjęcia


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