Photo collage

These are made on a single 90 x 60cm print composed of many other photos. Depending on the size and size of the photos, there can be up to 24 photos. We make them depending on the topic you are interested in (personal photo collage, fashion photos, photos from holidays and holidays, wedding and wedding sessions, prom, fan page, mix holidays, family celebrations).

Our photo studio realizes orders from photos sent online for clients, including:

– designing photo collages,

– spreadsheet designs,

– photo book designs.

Foto album spreads

The quantity we choose corresponds to the number of spreads or collages we want to receive.

For example, we choose 10 pieces of this product, which corresponds to 10 spreads in the album, then you upload the photos that you want to put in 10 spreads, e.g. you choose 12 spreads and upload 144 photos, and we take these photos placed on 12 spreads of the project.

The default spread size is 610x305mm, if you want a different size, enter a size below.

Photobook design

Professional graphic designers will prepare the design of your photo album, simple, clean, beautiful.
An exemplary photo album project can be found in the product gallery – next to it.