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Restoring old photos | retouch | reproduction

49.99 z VAT

Restoration of old photos and photos

Each of us probably has photos in family albums that, as a result of the natural course of time, have been more or less destroyed. Sometimes it also happens that the photograph will accidentally be flooded with some liquid, written with a pen or simply be bent. There are people in our lives who were close to us, whom we remember from childhood and youth, and whom we will never be able to meet in person. Sometimes we have one forgotten photograph whose quality leaves much to be desired. Thanks to modern technology and professional photo processing programs, these issues are no longer a problem. We offer a professional service of restoration and digital restoration of old photos, family photos performed by a specialist photographer with many years of experience.

Digital restoration of old photos

Standard Detailed Services included in the package – Restoration of old photos | Retouch | Reproduction:

– removal of scratches, bends, abrasions,
– dust and pollen removal,
– removal of stains and correction of flooded places,
– Minor adjustments to the character’s appearance and clothing,
– correction and renewal of the background,
– restoring the edge of the photo,
– restoration of natural color,
– sharpness and contrast improvement.

Improving old photos

An additional serviceprovided by our photo studio and photographer, which we undertake at the client’s request, is specialist quality and resolution improvement photos. This is a task that requires high precision and time, which is why we carry it out only for an additional fee.

Improve damaged photos

In the case of very damaged photos (e.g. missing a significant part of the photo, significant losses in the appearance of characters, extensive creases or scratches within a large area of ​​high detail of the image), please send them via a dedicated contact form (https://retouch-fotografia.com/up/). Thanks to this, we will be able to determine the possible scope of work and possible digital restoration of the photo.

Photo Restoration

Another option to place an order for photo restoration is to register it through the Shop panel and make a purchase. In the event that the estimated cost of order execution exceeds the maximum declared budget of the ordering party, we will undertake an individual valuation and send it to the buyer’s information. Then we will decide together on further cooperation. However, if the order is paid in advance and the amount of the surcharge exceeds the ordering party’s budget, we offer to make adjustments to the order’s budget, or we will refund the payment as desired.

The expected period for the photo renewal service is approximately 2-7 days.

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