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Photos for documents

24.90 z VAT

Online retouching of uploaded photo for documents

Is a simple selfie enough as an ID photo? Usually, to make them, we go to a photographer who takes them through professional equipment. However, we offer the service of online retouching of photos taken by the client herself, intended for documents, e.g. ID cards, passports or ID cards. Thanks to this, the client does not have to leave the house to take a photo for documents.

Types of photos taken for documents:

  • ID photo (35×45 mm)
  • driving license photo(35×45 mm)
  • passport photo(35×45 mm)
  • passport photo(35×45 mm)
  • photo for military booklet(35×40 mm)
  • visa photo(50×50 mm or 37×52 mm)
  • diploma photo(45×65 mm)
  • resume photo(35×45 mm)
  • any other format on request

What is retouching of uploaded photos for documents?

Our service allows the customer to take a self-made photo. However, we are the ones who deal with photo retouching for documents. We focus on the guidelines regarding their appearance. These include, among others, a white background, even face lighting, good focus or natural colors. And of course, we frame according to ICAO guidelines. In addition, we also optionally retouch the face – we remove imperfections. In the case of glasses, we remove light reflections.

With this service, the role of the client ends with the proper taking of the photo. We take care of the rest.

Printing photos for documents

Photos in the selected format will be printed in the highest possible quality and cut to a given format, packed in a paper case and a bubble envelope and sent by courier to the following address. Of course, the digital version in full resolution will be sent in parallel to the recipient’s e-mail address. Possibility of shipping by parcel locker for PLN 14.

In the standard price, the scope of work includes color processing, unifying the background, cropping to the appropriate format.

Face shading on photo

Improvement of the incident lights and the distribution of shadows in the photo.



What is this service about?

The customer takes a photo with his own camera or phone, following the instructions described below:

  • The photo is added in the product card or by e-mail
  • We perform photo retouching online, along with generating a biometric certificate (certificate available only in print)
  • We send the edited photo in digital form, or for an additional fee we print it and send it by courier.


Instructions for taking a selfie

  • The photo should be taken against a uniform background, preferably white.
  • The entire head must be visible in the frame – from the top to the top of the shoulders.
  • Face and gaze should be directed to the camera lens.
  • Natural facial expression is required
  • Face cannot be tilted, set in profile.
  • Face lighting must be fairly uniform
  • Photos are best taken at a distance of about 0.5 m from the photographed person
  • People with visual impairment must take two photos – one without and one with corrective glasses.

Make sure that the photo is taken with the camera in the highest resolution and maintains good quality. Easier to work on such a photo when processing. It is also worth paying attention to the lighting – the more, the better.

Good advice – take the photo during the day in sunlight, by the window.


Who are we targeting?

  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to come directly to the photographer and doesn’t have the opportunity to leave home, e.g. people with disabilities, children, elderly people.
  • For people who prefer to take a photo themselves and control how they look in it.
  • Customers who, for example, will pay more for travel to the photographer than the cost of the service.

If it is impossible to complete the order correctly from the uploaded file, we will ask you to take the photos again or, if you wish, we will cancel the order and refund the funds.

Examples of bad photos.

error image


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