Change photo into illustration

We offer illustration based on an online photo sent to our photo studio. You will receive a picture from us in an unusual style – a digital product made by hand. Color or black and white illustrations are created from every photo uploaded online. The photo should be of good quality, regardless of whether it is in color or black and white.

As part of the service, we restore an old photo in an artistic way. Check the completed examples of illustrations, such as (removing the background, replacing the background and shading it, manually applying colors, coloring clothing, trousers, jackets, shoes, old photograph of a married couple with their faces turned into an illustration).

Changing photos into color illustration

Show off your amazing artist’s handwritten illustration to your friends or print them on, for example, canvas. The photos are processed by hand by an illustrator who is a lecturer at AGH.

In the price of the photo service, it is also possible to make a photo up to 6 times larger in relation to the photo sent online to our studio. A good photographer decides about the possibility of enlargement by assessing its quality.