product photography

Product photography

Along with the radical advances in today’s technology, methods are emerging before our eyes to facilitate our activities in the field of sales and purchases. The initial descriptions of the products offered by the chain stores were modified in such a way as to ensure the comfort and safety of shopping for customers. Currently, the standard is product photography. Its task is to enrich the exhibited product with additional, carefully made photos.

When shopping online, every detail matters. Therefore, the visual part of items at an online auction or advertisements must hit and catch the eye of a potential buyer. It is therefore obvious that the photograph taken should be packshot, i.e. original, clear and refined, and all the qualities of the product being sold should be exposed. Posting such a photo can turn out to be the key to selling. If you have photos of products that need improvement, upload them to the free quote and we will check if they can be improved.

Packshot photography

Photography packshot is a term used in the advertising industry and it means a photograph of products on a uniform background (usually white). This type of photography is used to highlight the qualities of the items being sold. Thanks to the white background, the unique features of the products, such as color, shape or other details invisible at first glance, are easily visible. It is also possible to use interactive packshots. It is nothing more than rotational photography, which allows you to visualize the product from different angles. The customer has always bought with his eyes, and in the era of online shopping, this theory has become real.

Product photography with models

Models can be an integral part of your ad, as well as attract the attention of buyers and interested people. However, it should be remembered that if we mean the sale of a product, it should be placed between props in such a way that it is not obscured. Image processing also plays an important role in this form of photography. That is why our offer includes not only photo retouching, but also professional photo sessions, in particular product photography, portrait, business, advertising< /strong> and interior photography.

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