product image processing

Product image processing

Some photos, despite being professionally taken, may require additional processing and retouching. Retouching includes both the appearance of the person in the photo (face imperfections, changing the shape of the eyes, hair) as well as changing colors, sharpening and cropping the photo. There are free ways to make minor adjustments, but the best way to retouch your photos is to leave them in the hands of professionals. In addition to portrait photography, processing product photos also requires knowledge and experience. Therefore, for our part, we can assure our clients that we will make every effort and use our skills and experience to ensure that the final result is of the highest quality.

Photo pairing

The process of pairing photos consists in removing the background from the photo and leaving only the necessary elements on it. If we are dealing with product photography, it is a background in one color, usually white. It does not distract attention and makes the person seeing the banner with the product focus only on it. In our work, when processing product photos, we often use sparing photos to achieve an aesthetic final effect. This is a time-consuming and precise process, as some photos have to be cut “by hand” by drawing a bounding box around an object or person. That is why it is worth entrusting such work to professionals who, thanks to their experience, can complete such an order in a much shorter time.

High End Photography

High End photography is used for advertisements and all materials intended to be placed in public places – therefore it is also called advertising photography. It is a long-term process. In this field of advertising photography, the point is to maintain the highest quality of the photos taken. Professional use of high-end retouching and correction as well as product photo processing programs go hand in hand, in which all details are improved: from achieving the RAW effect for the perfect color to toning, contrast change and face retouching. High End photography focuses on the smallest details, which is why photos and materials using this technique have their share in many commercials (high end retouching).

High End Retouch

High End retouching is very long and extremely detailed. It is especially recommended for product photos used in advertising, on websites, online stores. They are used in many industries, including fashion, fashion and beauty. We have used High End retouching many times during photo sessions for models, fashion houses, fashion designers, and large clothing stores. High-end photos and retouching are supported not only by our extensive work experience but also by good software and photographic equipment. These factors, combined with each other, give a real basis and workshop for taking a good High End photo.

As you can see processing of product photos requires a lot of patience and precision. You can try to do this retouching or sparring yourself with the many online courses. You can also speed up this process, read our offer and upload files via our website. We will do for youordered service in the highest quality and in a short time.

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