photo montage

Photo edit and manipulation

What are the possibilities and limitations: the only limitation is the client’s conceptual idea or the contractor’s experience, possible limitations may be files that cannot be combined in a meaningful way put together so that the whole photomontage is realistic.

What type of files we accept: all graphic files (e.g. jpg/jpeg/png/tiff)

What types of photos can be combined: For photo montage to be realistic and breathtaking, you should combine photos of similar quality because the final photo will be imported to the quality of the worst photo from the entire list. It should also be remembered that all photographs should have a similar angle of incidence of light, similar colors and perspective. A good solution is for the client to send as many photos as possible that can be joined together. For the graphic designer to personally choose the photos that are suitable for this.

Who our product is intended for: In fact, for everyone, thanks to photomontage we can: replace the face in the photo, enrich the photo with additional elements, change in a fairy tale character, create an advertisement for a product or, for example, create mocking gifts for our loved ones. Thanks to this technique, we do not have to leave the house to take a photo in an exotic jungle or in sunny Egypt. Retouching the elevation, terrain, changing the sky, removing elements or adding plants is just a fraction of what our graphic designers can do. In a simple way and at an affordable price, we can become the face of a movie poster or the main character of a conceptual drawing.

Photo montage process

Uploaded files are evaluated first. Not all photos can be combined in such a way that the concept still looks real. If such an option is possible, we prepare a photomontage concept. Then we select photos in terms of their quality, perspective and direction of light and shadows, and we adjust the contrast of the photos.

The next stage of photomontage is to paint elements such as hair, grass, adding vegetation and modeling characters, objects and backgrounds (in the case of water and other reflective surfaces, add reflection). In the final stage of photo montage, the final atmosphere is given by adding special effects such as: changing the depth of field, adding fog, dust, flares, lights, flashes, leaf petals. At the end, the contrast, shading, light, painting and finally setting the perspective and adding the last color touches, i.e. the so-called colorgranding, are also improved.

See what it looks like in fast motion:

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