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Packshot photos

Packshot can be easily defined as a product image, package or label. The purpose of packshots is to reflect the product exactly as it looks in reality. Packshot photography leaves little room for artistic or creative expression. You can play with the lighting, allowing for a brighter or darker image with certain areas highlighted more than others. The main goal of the photographer is to ensure that the colors, form and markings of the products are clear and as accurate as possible.

Packshots are designed not to distract from the product. In the advertising industry, a packshot can be made in a static or dynamic form. The latter is made through a sequence of photos from different angles, and then a moving presentation is created from the material prepared in this way.

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A common type of this type of photography is the so-called ghost photo. A product, e.g. clothing, is put on a mannequin, which is then photo manipulation it is cut out and masked. For a better effect, such a session is done on a uniform background, mainly white. This is not only to facilitate the graphic designer’s work during processing, but such a background makes the recipient’s gaze directed only at the advertised product.

Packshots designed for e-commerce are often lacking in detail. For example, the advertised packaging does not need information that is usually written in small print. However, it is more important to expose the logotype, which is sometimes enlarged to better mark the brand.

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Photo editing requires hours of work and patience. A definite facilitation is to use the services of a professional photographer who will perform a photo session of advertising products. In the case of packshot photography, the photographer still has to process the photos, but it’s definitely easier to edit photos from a professional photo session. So, if you are looking for the perfect solution to advertise your products, or add them to your website or social media, or are you planning another form of advertising, in which packshot photography would work best, then we invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offers.

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