The submitted files are evaluated first. Not every photo can be put together in such a way that the whole concept still looks real. If such an option is possible, we prepare a photomontage concept. Then we select photos in terms of their quality, perspective and direction of light and shadows, and we adjust the contrast of photos, colors and adjust the angle of light and perspective, if possible.

The next stage of photomontage is adding elements such as hair, grass, adding vegetation and modeling characters, objects and backgrounds (in the case of water and other reflective surfaces, reflections should be added). In the final stage of photo montage, the final atmosphere is given by adding special effects such as: changing the depth of field, adding fog, dust, flares, lights, flashes, leaf petals. At the end, the contrast, shading, light, painting and finally setting the perspective and adding the last color touches, i.e. the so-called color-granding, are also improved.