For RAW files, the process starts with setting the right white balance and color enhancement.
The next stages are:
Face retouching: the most time-consuming skin retouching, where at very close-up, the places that need to be changed are retouched, inch by inch. Cleaning the pores of the skin from blackheads that were not covered by the powder.
In the first stage, blackheads and other skin blemishes are removed.
Later, the skin is corrected using the D&B technique (Improvement of tonal transitions between light and dark parts of the photo).
Eye retouching: removing red veins, equalizing the color of proteins, bringing out the color of the pupils,
Hair retouching: removal of stray hairs, hair styling, in some cases hair styling. Improvement of the light falling on the hair.
Skin color correction in the photo: even skin color, remove blemishes.
Body shaping.