coloring black and white photos

Color old photos

Coloring black and white photos is a very interesting activity. It is enough to have old photos that are devoid of colors, a scanner and a special computer program, but often the colors do not match what was in reality. Therefore, it is worth giving them to professionals who deal with coloring old photos in a professional way.

Auto color photos

Coloring old photos was originally done with paints and a brush, with which black and white photo colorists were able to give new life to old photos. This is a method full of errors and based on the individual approach of the person coloring, so often the photos did not reflect reality. However, they were the first to contribute to the development of the field of photography, which consists in bringing old photos to life.

Currently, the coloring process is performed automatically, so that the colors of many photos are close to each other, and a person who wants to colorize more of his old photos has all photos created in the same style. An additional advantage is the lack of use of old photographs – you work on prints and scans in a graphics program, you do not paint with brushes on an old photo as it was in the past.

Color old photos

The professional process of colorizing photos consists in the first place using a photo processing program that, based on the analysis of thousands of photos, will be able to select the right colors. However, human supervision of the program is often needed to eliminate errors or incorrectly colored elements.

Automatic colorization of black and white photos is based on choosing the right colors by the program through which thousands of photos, both black and white, have been passed for calibration and their color versions, thanks to which he can select new colors on the scan of the photograph in an appropriate way. It is worth noting, however, that automation does not bring a good effect in 100% and additional manual intervention is needed here. If you want to give someone a gift in the form of refreshing old photographs and coloring them, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Just send us photos and we will quickly and professionally give it a new look.

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