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Business photography is a category that should be familiar to owners of small and large businesses. In times of image culture and keeping in touch with potential clients on social media, professional business photos become indispensable. What should you know about business photography?

We make the best portraits and business photos for our clients, which can be easily used in CVs, portfolios, professional portals GoldenLine, Linkedin, social networks FB, Instagram and in press publications , scientific. We help to make a good first impression and very good photos tailored to the needs of customers. With the current access to information, it is very easy to obtain information about another person. To meet this, we help create appropriate business photos that will encourage the other person to contact you.

Good business photos

We make business photos and portraits for employees of companies from various industries. I get to know my clients and together we develop a good personalized photo shoot concept. Our photographic services are used by companies of various professional profiles: advertising agencies, publishing houses, medical clinics, training, telecommunications and consulting companies, brokerage houses, construction, fashion and event houses, real estate agencies, financial and law firms, employees of banks, hotels, freelancers professions – doctors, notaries, artists, scientists.

We help create the best business image for our clients. We do not pay attention only to expensive clothes and clothes, but to the person, type of work, position held, proper dress. We are aware of the saying “how they see you, that’s how they write you”. We bring out what is most important in business photography, knowing how much others can read from it with a trained eye. We will show your confidence and openness to other people. We will make your business image correct and well received.

Image sessions Rzeszów

A image session is when a person standing in front of the lens is photographed in such a way as to create a specific image. The aim of the photographer is to present a model whose clothes and props correspond to specific competences. This type of session is very often used in business photography, because it allows you to present entrepreneurs as they want to be seen by their recipients. The difference between a good photo and a masterpiece lies in the nuances, perfect photo processing and retouching, if you have photos that you would like to improve – upload them to evaluate and check the possibility of correction.

Corporate Photography

Professional corporate photography should reflect the nature of the person’s work. The photos are usually taken against a uniform background or at the workplace, and the models are dressed in outfits corresponding to the official dress code. Due to the use of artificial lighting, professional make-up is very important, thanks to which you can hide skin imperfections, and the skin will not shine and reflect light.

In the office space, employees are often photographed in their positions, which best define their role in the company and status. Entrepreneurs operating in the artistic industries are photographed in their studios and with the attributes they use for work. Business photography is not just a portgosh, but also staged shots of the entire team at work and close-ups showing the activities performed by employees.

Image photography for the company

Image photography is a key element of building your own brand and maintaining the high status of companies that have existed for years. This is because people like to know who they work with or whose services they use. By presenting a positive image of the company and its employees, contact between contractors is not impersonal and becomes more tangible.

It also proves a professional approach to marketing and following modern solutions. If you are looking for a professional business photographer then we invite you to familiarize yourself with all our photographic services. We deal not only with photography, but also with photo processing, retouching and preparation of photos for product campaigns.

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