photography of architecture

How to photograph architecture?

To take correct photos of architecture you need to know the best angle to take photos of buildings and architectural objects. Light also plays a very important role in taking such photos. It is worth learning the techniques before we start taking good photos of architecture.

Beginnings are difficult, so to start photographing architecture you need to have the right approach to this subject. Architecture photography follows certain rules. An important consideration in photographing architecture for beginners is the time of day and general weather conditions. If you are just starting your adventure with photography, make it easier for yourself and choose a sunny day so as not to be discouraged.

Good architecture photos

Good architectural photos are often taken with a high-performance wide-angle lens. It allows you to take correct pictures, for example, of very tall buildings. It is good if such a lens works evenly across the frame. The clarity and sharpness of elements is very important in photographing architecture. More eye-catching is a non-blurred photo where every detail is worth attention. Architecture photography is not only about good equipment. There are at least a few general rules, the observance of which allows you to create beautiful photos without having to invest in an expensive lens. Among such rules, the rule of thirds is worth mentioning. It might seem that symmetry is the best solution in photography, but it does not necessarily work in architectural photos. To take a perfectly symmetrical photo, we have to really apply ourselves, and even use a tripod, because every, even the smallest deviation from the symmetry will be immediately detected. That is why dividing the frame into three equal parts comes in handy. The lines dividing the frame indicate the places where it is best to place the central element, such as the wall of a building or the horizon line. It is also worth paying attention to lighting when taking pictures of architecture. Light can both help a lot and hinder a lot. That’s why it’s good to take several shots to choose the best one when processing photos.

Professional architectural photographer

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